Pillows + Cushions

So I love pillows and throws. They’re my favorite home accessories. You can change them with the seasons or your mood. I can sometimes get bored with a look and need a change, so what better way than to put a cover on the pillows that you already have to change the look of your room.

Pretty soon we will be sharing our pillow designs with you, but we can appreciate design and style of other creatives. Here are some of our favorites.

Bright Patterns and Textures


Bright Round Floor Cushion
Muted Patterns
Geometric Patterns
Indigo Patterns
African Mudcloth
Bold Argyle
Navajo Pattern

You can find the entire board we created here.


Merry Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone! Just wanted to take time out to say Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope that your Christmas was full of family, friends, and fun. Enjoy your holidays!

*Merry Christmas*

New Favorite – Project 62


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Target. It is one of my favorite places to go when I have free time, and it is probably the main place I shop for everything from toiletries to housewares. Well, a month or so ago I got an email about a new product line they were launching in September, and I was super excited! The new line is midcentury modern, but still classic. The line is called Project 62. It is modern living at an affordable price. 

I am all about the branding of a collection, so the first images I saw of the new line simply had me hooked and immediately obsessed. The layout, the logo, the styling of the first images of the line released spoke to the designer in me. I love the typography and the style of the furniture. The richness of the color on the white background just makes it all stand out. Who wouldn’t want to see the rest of this collection.

Project 62 Dining Room

Like most collections within the Target brand, there are a lot of options for style and price. They offer dining room furniture and accessories, as well as other options for other rooms of your home.

Project 62 Bath
Project 62 Furniture

There is furniture for every room of all sizes and usage.

Project 62 Serveware

A variety of serveware for any occasion.

Project 62 Pillows

Of course there are pillows, and they are affordable as well. Under $35!

Project 62 Rugs

There are rugs of many sizes, patterns, and styles.

Project 62 Barware

And you can’t forget the barware for entertaining.

Project 62

Overall, Project 62 is worth the consideration if you are in the market for new home accessories or furniture. There is something for everyone. I can’t wait to get my first item!

Fall is coming!

I love fall and I cannot wait for September 22nd to get here! I love the chill in the air, the changing of color on the leaves, and the wardrobe. I am a true winter baby, so being able to layer is amazing!

Although the weather here in Michigan isn’t really fall-like, I’m sharing some things that make me think of fall. Fall inspiration you can say.

I created a full inspiration board on Pinterest, here’s the link to the full board.

Weekend at the Movies | Waiting to Exhale

So this week, I’m doing something a little different. I was thinking of doing something different, and thought to share a little bit of music from the movies. I watched Waiting to Exhale with my mom, who had read the book of the same title. It was very well written and a great story to watch unfold. I was about 20 years old when I saw it, and I thought it was a typical girlfriends get together and talk bad about their exes. I was pleasantly surprised by how the story developed. Their friendship seemed to be the important takeaway and you somehow had to make sure all your friendships after this movie had to be that strong. The women were strong as individuals too with tons of personality. I won’t give the story away if you haven’t seen it, but it’s a good cult classic movie from the 90s that I totally recommend you watch on a lazy weekend.

The soundtrack honestly could stand on its own. It’s one of my favorite movie soundtracks that I could listen to front to back with no skips. I guess with Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Brandy, and SWV on one album, you can’t go wrong with a hit! My favorite song has to be the Chante’ Moore song “Wey U” that is melodic and relaxing. It’s still a favorite of mine after all these years. The soundtrack is about as classic as the movie.

Weekly Playlist September 14

Whitney Houston “Shoop Shoop”
Whitney Houston “Why Does it Hurt So Bad”
Toni Braxton “Let it Flow”
Aretha Franklin “It Hurts Like Hell”
Brandy “Sittin Up in My Room”
TLC “This is How it Works”
Mary J. Blige “Not Gon’ Cry”
Chaka Khan “My Funny Valentine’”
Sonja Marie “And I Gave My Love to You”
SWV “All Night Long”
Chante’ Moore “Wey U”
Patti LaBelle “My Love, Sweet Love”
Faith Evans  “Kissing You”
For Real “Love Will Be Waiting at Home”
Shanna ”How Could You Call Her Baby”
Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans “Count On Me”
Here is the link to the playlist. Enjoy!