Have a Little Faith

Two years ago I had an a-ha moment. I was trying to determine a way to channel my creativity. I wanted to do something different with events, but not planning. I would have moments that I wanted to just shake my hands and get the creativity out. Doing graphics wasn’t enough, I needed something tactile, something I could touch and share.

My a-ha moment came through a name change. The name Native November came naturally; a combination of my Native American heritage and my birth month of November. I wrote it down and just liked the way it looked. Then I came up with what that meant, and how could I make that come to life. What did I want that name to represent. I went with things that are important to me or represent who I am and what is special about my birth month; it’s the fall season. Things like natural fabrics with simple colors and patterns. Simple but functional. Coming from the event world, I wanted to create something that was functional both in the home and at an event. I wanted to create something that made a guest or attendee at an event say “hey I would love that pillow in my guest room.”

Things somewhat started to fall into place the moment I just let the creativity take over. I created these for a fundraiser, then decided I should take a class to make sure I knew what I was doing, as far as pillows. In that class, I took in all the information the teacher had, beyond pillows, and really learned a lot and just kind of let things take their own path.

I say all this to say, things fall into place the way they’re supposed to. I’ve had this proven over the years. Many times I didn’t pay attention or wanted something else to happen instead. I tried to create a path like I thought it should go, but fate and nature had other plans. It is kind of hard to put into words, but sometimes in life you have to just let things happen without your force or input. It leaves you open to the possibilities.

In the past month and a half, I have taken a 9-5 job that really was a whirlwind happenstance. Someone I knew on social media said they had a friend with an opening, I said I was qualified, she referred me, I got a call back two days later, I had three interviews in one week, and started by that following Monday. It’s been an interesting ride ever since. Many fall into the pit of not following their paths once “work” gets in the way. But I’ve been finding that it just furthers my possibilities and opportunities. The people I meet, the situations I am put in, and just being where I stand. That has been a really interesting place to be.

Needless to say, I am still ready to create and be productive. I just want to let the path show me where it is going instead of trying to make one where there is none. May seem a little stagnant, but I have been learning that it is truly best to let faith be your guide.